Property Investment / Asset Management Business

<Asset Management Business : Hotels>

  • Uni-Asia is engaged in asset management business specialized in hotels since 2001. We provide full services and support for hotel asset management as well as hotel development projects through our group company, UACJ.
  • UACJ, maintaining good relationship with a number of hotel operators, are able to make most appropriate proposals and suggestions no matter the location / size of the hotel.
  • To date, UACJ acted as asset manager / hotel development advisor for 28 hotels across Japan, building up expertise in this business sector.
  • A new business line started in 2018 – the asset management business in operation of hostels where an old office building was refurbished and converted to a hostel.
  • At present, a new business is underway – development of ryokan (i.e. Japanese-style hotels), aiming at expanding our capabilities to regional revitalization, utilizing our expertise in hotel asset management business.