Our Business

UACJ offer wide range of asset management services in Japan

  • Uni-Asia Capital (Japan) Ltd. (“UACJ”) (http://www.uni-asia.co.jp/)offer a wide range of asset management services to our clients worldwide who are looking for investment opportunities in the Japanese property market.
  • UACJ have a full line-up of licenses / registrations necessary to render asset management services to investors in relation to property investments in Japan.
    – Real Estate Brokerage License
    – Financial Instruments Business Registration for
     ・Type II Financial Instruments Business
     ・Investment Management Business
     ・Investment Advisory and Agency Business
    – Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise Registration
    – Real Estate Investment Advisory Business Registration
    – Money Lending Business Registration
  • UACJ have more than 15 years of experience and sound track record of managing real estate funds investing mainly in residential and commercial properties including hotels.
  • One of UACJ’s core business is the small residential property development business in Metro Tokyo under the brand name “ALERO” (http://www.uni-asia.co.jp/alero/) . Since 2004 to date, over 50 ALERO projects were managed, of which 39 are completed / disposed and remaining under management / construction.
  • UACJ also render property management services to new owners for disposed ALEROs and other buildings at the request of each owner. 15 buildings are currently under management, of which 10 as a master lessee, and 5 as a property manager.
  • UACJ, as a pioneer in the market, also have a good track record of hotel investment business, with 19 hotel funds since 2001.
  • UACJ recently started to manage real estate funds investing in healthcare assets in Japan, currently 6 assets are under management.