Investment Advisory and Management

Service Statement

Since establishment in 1998, we have been introducing investment opportunities and investment solutions to both local and overseas investors. As Uni-Asia Holdings Limited, our parent company has also been investing in properties (including property development project) in China and Hong Kong in recent years, so extensive knowhow related to the property transaction throughout of Asia has been accumulated in the group.

We would try to gather its customer’s risk-return preferences, before recommending the most suitable investment opportunities and solutions to its clients, such recommendations may not be limited to local investment opportunities, but may also include overseas investment opportunities.

Flow of Investment Advisory and Management

Before making an investment decision, properly conducted due diligent works is vital. Other than the fundamental checklist of items, we would apply its independent angle of judgment accumulated over the many years of experiences in asset management for making the decision.
We could more acutely analysis for particularly the residential and hotel markets given the long years of experience in the areas.