Indication in Advertisement in accordance with Financial Instruments and Exchange Act

  1. Trade Name of Financial Instruments Business Operator
    Uni-Asia Capital (Japan) Ltd.

  2. Licensed Business & Registration Number
    The Director-General of the Kanto Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 1259
    (Type II Financial Instruments Business, Investment Management Business, Investment Advisory and Agency Business)

  3. Membership in Financial Instruments Firms Association
    Japan Investment Advisers Association

  4. Fees
    Fees, remuneration or any other consideration payable by the customer with regard to the contract for financial instruments transaction will be set based on individual discussions with the customer pursuant to each and specific financial instrument and to the type of said contract.

  5. Investment Risks
    The financial instruments carried by the Company (real estate trust beneficial interests, equity interest in Tokumei Kumiai (silent partnership), etc.) do not guarantee the principal and the return of interest. Investors may be exposed to risk such as a loss in their invested principal as a result of price fluctuations in or leasing performance changes of the invested properties.

  6. Contract
    Upon entering into a contract, please be advised to read and check the “Document Prior to Conclusion of Contract” which describes the associated risks and fees, and other documents carefully before execution.