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Since Hotel Vista Group (core company: Vista Hotel Management Co., Ltd) started its hotel operation business in 2005, its number of managing hotels has been steadily increasing. The Group grew its operations under its 2 brands “Hotel Vista” and “Vista Hotel”, which currently operates a total of 10 limited service hotels spanning from Hokkaido/Sapporo in the north of Japan to Kyushu Kumamoto in the south of Japan.

We are actively expanding our hotel management business with our cultivated expertise, and increasing the number of operating hotels in a proactive manner.

Please feel free to contact us for consultation; we would like to provide a creative proposal to meet your needs.
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Our strength as hotel management company

  • Attracting foreign tourists
    Since May 2010, we started marketing our Hotel Vista brand in Hong Kong where our parent company Uni-Asia Holdings Limited is located. We established a Japanese yen settlement system for accommodation charges and successfully sold about 3,500 rooms p.a. to leading local travel agents in 2011. Today, our Hotel Vista brand is also adopted in holiday packages to Japan by a major Hong Kong airline and a great number of local travel agents. We will further promote our hotel services to tourists from Asia.
  • People working in various fields
    Owners of hotels that we manage are professionals working in various fields such as Japanese/international REITs, property funds and business corporations. We understand their respective goals and objectives for their hotel business and hence make constant efforts to contribute to the overall improvement of the hotel value as their hotel operator.
  • High proportion of repeated guests
    We believe in developing unique features and concepts for hotel rooms in terms of its function and design. Most of our Hotel Vista rooms are also built with a separate bathroom to match our Japanese customer’s preference. Our unprecedented hotel concept and high level of design was highly esteemed among customers, so much so that one of the hotels managed by us, Hotel Vista Grande Osaka, was introduced on “Michelin Guide Kyoto/Osaka” for 2 consecutive years, an especially rare sight for a limited services hotel. Other Vista Group hotels were also introduced by various magazines and papers. Moreover, Vista hotels received positive feedbacks on major travel booking sites. It is not unusual for some of our hotels to register a 50% monthly proportion of repeated guests.
  • Well-versed in REIT/Property funds
    Through our extensive experience in the hotel industry which is owned by REIT/property funds, we provide respective right-on suggestions for the most suitable operative condition considering rent condition, contract terms etc.
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Our Performance

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