Fund Solution

Service Statement

By skillfully applying our experience on asset management, and the experience in managing the structure of the property funds, we would like to further promote its fund solution services to its clients.
Upon appointing us, we would use its best endeavor to develop/fine-tune a suitable investment structure in the interest of its customer. As property manager and/or adviser for the investment, we could also help to develop strategies for improvement of cash flow, to develop strategies for selling and leasing, and to develop strategies for management of tenants. We would strive to resolve any issues face by its clients with regards to their property funds.

Flow of Fund Solution services provision 

Achievement of Fund Solution Business

  • Asset Management Services in support of existing projects

  • Collateral Evaluation and Advisory Service to support recovery of non-performance debt ( Property Management business)


Design Alternative Structure Normalization of cash management
Reselection of Property Manager Review of leasing contract
Propose sale strategy Act as property sale intermediary
Tenant leasing Propose value-up strategy for property