Company Profile

Company Name    Uni-Asia Capital (Japan) Ltd.
Establishment date    28th September 1998
Address    7/F, MD Kanda Building, 9-1 Kanda Mitoshiro-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel   +81 3 3518 9200
Fax   +81 3 3518 9201
Capital   JPY 100,000,000
Business   Structuring and arrangement of real estate investment funds
Management of real estate investment funds
Advisory and consulting services relating to real estate investment
Board of Directors    
  President   Yukihiro Toda
  Chairman    Michio Tanamoto* 
  Managing Director   Takeshi Iritono
  Director   Masahiro Iwabuchi*
  Director   Kenji Fukuyado*
  Board of Auditors   Masahiko Sano
      * Concurrently engaged as Director or Key Management of Uni-Asia Holdings Limited   
Employees      18
  Financial Instruments Business Operator; 
      Director-General of the Kanto Local Financial Bureau, Registration No. (kinsho) 1836
      Categories of businesses:TypeⅡFinancial Instruments Business, Investment Management Business, Investment Advisory and Agency
  Comprehensive Real Estate Investment Advisor;   
      Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Registration No. Sogo-140
  Real Estate Transaction Agent;   
      Governor of Tokyo, Permit No. (1) 97165
Corresponding Banks     Mizuho Bank

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