Company Profile

Company Name Uni-Asia Capital (Japan) Ltd.
Address 7F MD Kanda Building, 9-1 Kanda Mitoshirocho, Chiyoida-ku Tokyo
Tel +81-3-3518-9200
Fax +81-3-3518-9201
Established on November 9, 1998
Paid-in Capital JPY100,000,000
Business Segments - Origination / arrangement of real estate investment funds
- Real estate asset management
- Advisory / consulting services for real estate investments
- Ship finance arrangement
Parent Company Uni-Asia Group Limited (100%)
Board of Directors President Yukihiro Toda (Executive Director, Uni-Asia Group Limited)
Chairman Michio Tanamoto (Chairman and CEO / Executive Director, Uni-Asia Group Limited)
Director Takeshi Iritono
Director Masahiro Iwabuchi (Executive Director, Uni-Asia Group Limited)
Director Kenji Fukuyado (Executive Director, Uni-Asia Group Limited)
Auditor Masahiko Sano
Licenses - Real Estate Brokerage License
- Financial Instruments Business Registration for
 ・Type II Financial Instruments Business
 ・Investment Management Business
 ・Investment Advisory and Agency Business
- Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise Registration (No. 3 and 4)
- Real Estate Investment Advisory Business Registration
- Money Lending Business Registration
Member of Japan Investment Advisers Association
About Uni-Asia Uni-Asia Group, established in Hong Kong in 1997 and listed on Singapore Stock Exchange in August 2007, is an alternative investment company specialising in creating alternative investment opportunities and providing integrated services related to such investments. The amount of capital as of March 2019 is US$109,276 thousand.