Asset Management

To support investors/clients with investment information relevant to their risk-return requirement, and to provide ancillary asset management services to them thereafter.

*Information regarding the property funds operated by the Company

Specific property Investment

  • Hotel Fund
    Being one of the pioneers as a hotel fund management in Japan, we have invested 19 hotels since the year 2001 through the funds we manage. The hotel assets that are invested cover a wide range, from limited service hotel to full-services city hotel. By making use of our expertise in managing Hotel Vista Group, which is a member of our group, these hotels have become better managed, therefore realising their higher asset values. In addition, we have also successfully developed and opened three new hotels through the funds we manage.

  • Small-scale residence investment fund
    It is a fund targeting small-scale residential site with a unit size of roughly 150 tsubo (495 square meters).Since Feb 2004, we have invested more than 60 of such residences through the funds we manage; the fund’s criterion for selection of residential site is based on the concept of a stable cash-flow and high demand for leasing in the market.

Fund of Fund

  • Residential Fund
    Real estate fund launched in collaboration with Asian investors began operations in 1999. In addition to undertaking studio apartment development projects, the fund had also purchased and sold bulk stock held by condominium developers, both of which have realized attractive returns.
    Since the year 2000, we have co-worked with British property investment/management group in the establishment of 3 funds.
    Fund No. 1 was used to invest in 15 properties and they were subsequently sold.
    Fund No. 2 was formed in Feb., 2004, and has invested to exceed JPY 35 billion.
    Fund No. 3 was established in Jun., .2005, together with such British group and other asset management company in Japan. The fund has invested to exceed JPY 33 billion.